Machine Software Downloads

Machine Software Downloads

What is the machine software download Service?

Working in conjunction with the machine manufacturers, MachineGuard hosts the manufacturer’s software information within its member’s only area. This means that MachineGuard acts as a one stop shop and members can check that their machines are operating on the correct software and download the latest versions without having to go to the individual manufacturers websites, saving time and money.

Criminals who target the Gaming and Leisure industry supplement their income and fund research in to developing machine frauds by hunting out machines that are not fitted with the latest up to date software.

Key Benefits

Manufacturers software updates available in one place
Instant access
Quick and easy to use
Critical update alerts
Fast download speeds

Why Use This Service?

Simple and easy to use
Saves time and money
Enables you to ensure your machines are up to date.
Deters criminals from supplementing their income and funding research into developing machine frauds